Czech Republic Customs Regulations

Czech Republic Customs Regulations
Whether biking the Moravian long distance trail, hiking through mountain villages or simply exploring the castles of Prague, the Czech Republic offers adventure. To ensure easy entry and an enjoyable visit, travelers should familiarize themselves with customs regulations.

Entry Regulations

The Czech Republic requires a passport for all U.S. citizens. For pleasure or business travel, a visa is not required if the stay is 90 days or less (within any 180-day period). If planning study, a work holiday or an extended stay over 90 days, a visa is required.

Medical Insurance

Visitors must have medical insurance, and if asked at immigration, must be able to produce a document showing coverage. An insurance card from a reputable company will meet this requirement.

Financial Responsibility

Immigration agents may ask visitors to prove financial competency---evidence that travelers can fund their stay. A valid credit card, traveler's checks or currency will fulfill this requirement.

Import Restrictions

Authorities allow small amounts of tobacco, alcohol and perfume free of customs duty. Limits are: tobacco---200 cigarettes or 50 cigars; alcohol---one liter spirits or two liters of non-sparkling wine; perfume---50 grams; eau de toilette---0.25 liter. Total value of all imported items cannot exceed 175 Euros per person; otherwise a 3.5 percent tax applies.

Other Facts

For travelers requiring work or study visas, contact the Czech Republic Embassy at least three months in advance of travel. If you intend to drive, an international driver's license is required. American Automobile Association (AAA) offices can issue the license prior to travel.

Article Written By Jeff Fulton

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