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  • Germany Customs and Regulations for Travelers

    Germany Customs and Regulations for Travelers
    Germany has the same customs and travel regulations as other countries in the European Union. If you are traveling to Germany from another EU country, you shouldn't encounter any major difficulties. If you are traveling to Germany from a non-EU country, however, the following regulations should be observed.

    Travel Documents

    To enter Germany, you must have a passport. If you are a citizen of another European Union country, then a national ID card may be substituted.

    Customs Formalities

    You can bring goods into Germany from other EU countries duty-free. Goods from non-EU countries are duty-free if they do not exceed 175 Euros in value.


    Pets must have a EU pet passport, which confirms that they have had all required vaccinations.

    Restricted Imports

    Food products of animal origin, plants, wildlife animals, illegal drugs, weapons and explosive materials may not be imported into Germany.

    Currency Controls

    Anyone entering or leaving Germany with 10,000 Euros or more (or its equivalent in other currencies) must make a formal declaration to German customs authorities.

    Article Written By Zach Feral

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