Unique Camping Birthday Ideas

Unique Camping Birthday IdeasCamping is a great birthday party idea. It is easy to plan a fun camping trip for a variety of age groups and the possibilities for entertainment are numerous. Camping can take place in your backyard or you can travel to a nearby forest or lake.


Camping with children is an exciting birthday idea. A good theme party is entertaining and fun for everyone. Have a sleepover with a Native American theme. Sleep in a tepee and have a campfire before bedtime. Roasting marshmallows and sharing stories around the fire will keep everyone entertained.


Teens like more action than children. Camping at a lake where they can swim, hike, water-ski and fish will keep them busy. At night have a barbecue and a campfire.


Many adults enjoy a relaxing and simple camping trip. Camping in an area with water and good fishing is ideal for adults. Find a quiet camping spot with open space and good hiking trails nearby.


Camping is about spending time in the outdoors. It is a good way for families to bond and friends to enjoy one another's company. Fishing, hiking, water sports, bird watching and campfire activities all are good activities to consider for a camping birthday party.

Expert Insight

For the experienced camper, hire a wilderness survival expert and spend the day learning how to survive in a real wilderness setting. This will be challenging and entertaining.

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