The Best Catfish Bait Recipe

The Best Catfish Bait Recipe
The best catfish bait recipe will be effective in a variety of fishing methods. It will be doughy enough to hold on a treble hook or a trot line and will work consistently in different conditions. There are a large variety of recipes and many opinions about which one is best.


The best recipe includes one pound of melted Velveeta cheese, raw perch, chopped hot dogs and chopped garlic. Mix these ingredients in a food processor and add flour until a doughy consistency is achieved.


A good catfish bait must be very stinky. Add raw fish, fermented grain, more garlic, dog food and anything with a potent smell.


The bait must be pliable enough to shape around a hook but firm enough to hold its shape while on the hook. Flour or oatmeal is helpful for achieving the perfect consistency.


A great catfish bait will be effective only if you are fishing in a good catfish hole. Locating and chumming for catfish will increase your success with the bait.

Expert Insight

The best catfish bait is the one that is successful for you. If you are fishing in the same holes, it might be necessary to change baits on occasion to prevent the fish from becoming accustomed to the smell.


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