Casablanca Morocco Tourism

Casablanca Morocco Tourism
Casablanca, which is popularly known simply as Casa, is a European-style city in the North African country of Morocco. This vibrant city is the epicenter of Morocco, containing an important harbor and port as well as major business and cultural centers. There is plenty to do and see here, which is why it such a popular international travel destination.


There are plenty of places to stay in Casablanca, from hostels and inns to five-star resorts. Just make sure to call ahead and book early, because last-minute rooms are almost unheard of here.


Casablanca is not known for its beaches, but they are there and do draw healthy crowds every day. Head to Ain Diab, a small suburb, for one of the more popular beaches, where dining and drinks can be found nearby.

Rock Climbing

Grab your own gear and head to the Todra Gorge if you are interested in climbing red limestone rock faces. There are routes for climbers of all levels.


There are not too many places to hike in the city, but if you rent a car or take a cab into the countryside, there are plenty of routes to find. Ask your hotel concierge for recommendations.


CTM buses offer reliable transportation throughout the day all around the city and the nearby suburbs. If you want to travel out of the city, you can get a Grand Taxi from just about anywhere within the city limits.

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