Panama Tourism

Panama Tourism
Panama is a popular tourist destination because of the nation's natural beauty, varied environmental treasures and relatively low cost compared to similar destinations. For the active outdoor enthusiast, Panama has a lot to offer.

Nature Day Hikes

Some great nature day hikes include Pipeline Road for bird watchers, the famous Quetzal Trail for variety, or a stop at the Finca Suiza hostel, from where you can visit many well-maintained hiking trails.


Panama has high-quality kayaking in its rivers and along its coastline. There are day tours and even week-long kayaking adventures through virtually uninhabited natural wilderness.

National Parks

Panama has 14 national parks, all with something to offer the avid outdoor enthusiast or eco-tourist. From hiking up a dormant volcano to scuba diving off coral reefs to deep jungle hikes, these parks have a lot to offer tourists willing to go a little off the beaten path.

Remote Jungle Trails

There are some remote jungle trails that can really take a visitor off the beaten path. The walk to Pirre Mountain in Darién National Park is a classic example.

Scuba Diving

If you've always wanted to scuba by a coral reef but can't make it to Australia, try Panama's Bastimentos Island National Marine Park, which has many undisturbed reefs. Other Panamanian islands offer plenty for beach lovers and scuba fans, as well.

Highland Retreats

Many places in Panama cater to eco-tourists who want to avoid typical tourist traps. Resorts in the Chiriqui Highlands specialize in retreats that don't have souvenir shops or markets; instead, they offer a natural, peaceful getaway.

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