Area 51 Tourism

Area 51 Tourism
If star-gazing is your thing but you want to spice it up a little, head to the most famous Nevada desert wasteland: Area 51.


Stay in Area 51's nearest town, Rachel, right off Highway 375 --- "The Extraterrestrial Highway." The town's only hotel, the Little A'Le'Inn, will do its best to prepare you for a close encounter.


My Paranormal Life, a blog dedicated to out-of-this-world tourism, has compiled an extensive collection of YouTube videos from adventurers who braved the warning signs and security gates of Area 51.


Chuck Clark, an Area 51 researcher and author of "The Area 51 Handbook," maintains an extensive research collection at, where you can find plenty of maps, photos and stories.


Rachel once hosted a UFO convention, and the Little A'Le'Inn has hosted biking tours and hikes that skirt the perimeter of Area 51, which still is off-limits.

Out With the Old

Reports are out, and bloggers are starting up the new X-Files --- Spaceport America in Truth or Consequences, N.M., is the new Area 51. Local radio stations reported strange research by contractor Lockheed Martin, and some UFO enthusiasts are forgoing trips into the past and seeking the current "black ops" of purported alien cover-ups.

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