China Silk Road Tours

China Silk Road Tours
China's Silk Road provides outdoor travel enthusiasts a great way to experience culture while trekking through areas of great historical importance. On a Silk Road tour, hikers can climb the Kala Kunlun Mountain, visit the Bezeklik Thousand-Buddha Caves and experience the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.


The route between China and the Mediterranean was named the "Silk Road" in 1877 by a German geographer, showing the route's importance in trade between the two areas. The Silk Road begins in Xian, China, and continues through the Hexi Corridor until splitting into three separate routes.


Silk Road tour group organizers provide access to local places to eat and outdoor bazaars while coordinating accommodations and travel (through clean vans and buses). Tour operators provide interesting information, dining suggestions and help with the language difference.

Time Frame

The best time to take a Silk Road tour is during May and October, avoiding the freezing winter and boiling summer temperatures. Tour lengths vary from 11 days to 21 days and more.


Tours are available in budget-friendly accommodations starting at approximately $1,700 and more luxurious standards for $1,900, depending on number in the group and season of travel.

Expert Insight

According to the Travel China Guide, touching monks is considered sacrilegious, so do not attempt to shake hands, hug or come in contact with religious personnel. Conversations about marriage, eating meat and killing people are forbidden.

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