Information on Altea Benidorm, Spain

Information on Altea Benidorm, Spain
Surrounded by mountains, Benidorm is a popular tourist town in Spain. Neighboring Altea is a quiet oasis for getting away from the crowds and into shops and galleries featuring the work of local artists and craftsmen.


Altea is just north of Benidorm in the Valencian province of Alicante.


Altea and Benidorm are primarily tourist centers. Altea is particularly known an artists' haven, and many art galleries line the cobblestone pathways through town.


Temperatures remain quite comfortable year round. Temperatures reach as low as 58 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and reach around 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

Mountains and Hiking

The Altea and Benidorm areas are surrounded by mountains such as the Barranca de Canal. There is ample opportunity for climbing and hiking on your own, or with an escorted group.

Other Attractions

Benidorm is home to three beaches. The large and famous Levante and Poniente attract thousands of tourists, while the smaller Malpas is quieter and less crowded. Benidorm also boasts a major music festival, the Benidorm International Song Festival, as well as three theme parks.

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