Information on Luggage Tags

Information on Luggage Tags
Whether you are traveling by plane, train or boat, it is vital that you use luggage tags, even if you are not checking your bags. When you are claiming your luggage after your trip, or if they get lost, luggage tags can help identify that they are yours. The proper information on luggage tags can make your trip a lot easier.


Put your first initial and last name, or your first name and last initial, on your luggage tags. Using your full name is not necessary if you don't want to reveal it to onlookers.


If you write your address, you are advertising where you live to anyone that views your luggage tags. You are better off leaving the space blank on the luggage tag and writing your address on a slip of paper inside your luggage instead.


For international flights, writing your country on the tags can help get your bags to your destination more easily.

Phone Number

Put your cell number on your luggage tags in case the airline needs to reach you while you are still away. Avoid putting your home number, as it can be traced to your address.

Email Address

Put your email address on your luggage tags as an alternative way to reach you, in case you cannot be reached by phone. It should be an email account that you have access to while you are traveling.

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