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  • Can 2 Way Radios Be Used on Cruise Ships?

    Can 2 Way Radios Be Used on Cruise Ships?
    Two-way radios can be an excellent way for families traveling together to stay in touch on a cruise ship, and they are recommended by most large tour operators. Because they are so widely used, though, it is important to choose the right radios and follow certain basic protocols.

    More Frequencies

    Larger cruise ships can have upward of 3,000 passengers, many who are also using two-way radios to communicate. To minimize cross-chatter, look for a two-way radio model that has more than 50 channels.


    Privacy Channels

    In addition to a large number of channels, many modern two-way radios offer a privacy channel, or sub-channel or code, to further individualize your channel. Each channel can be customized with a specific sub-channel, virtually guaranteeing your family a private place to talk.

    Shorter Range

    Although radios with a range of 20 miles or more might sound appealing, radios with ranges this high might violate local laws when you are berthed. If you will be using your radios only on-board the ship, opt for radios with a much shorter ranges.

    Radio Etiquette

    Like cell phones, many modern radios can be switched to a vibrate mode when you are in quiet situations. If you do stumble upon another family's channel, it is polite to quickly change the channel, rather than listening in or communicating with them.

    Radio Rental

    Many larger cruise operators offer radio rental for use while on board the ship. This can be a more convenient option for many families but should be looked into before boarding, as not all ships offer this service.


    Article Written By Brendan McGuigan

    Situated on the beautiful Mendocino Coast in Northern California, Brendan McGuigan has been writing professionally since 2003. His articles have appeared in "Pology," "San Francisco Restaurant Review," 1001 Beautiful Sights and Visual Travel Tours. He studied linguistics and phonology at Goddard College.

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