Mhamid Morocco Tourism

Mhamid Morocco Tourism
As the last village before the dunes of the Sahara Desert, Mhamid is not so much a tourist spot as a starting point in Morocco for something far more intriguing.


The village itself has very little to offer in the form of sightseeing and activities. The main reason tourists visit Mhamid is because the trek into the desert usually starts here. There is no shortage in the type and amount of treks available. Among the choices are camelback treks, 4x4s or quad bikes.


Few people stay longer than a night or two before departing on an excursion into the desert. Accommodations in general are very basic but most have air conditioning and meals are usually included in the price. Prices vary from as low as $15 for single accommodations to $98 or more in other hotels.

Accommodation in the Desert

A variety of tented camps or Kasbah-style hotels are available. Dar Azawad Kasbah is just 5 km outside Mhamid and ideal for those who want to have a desert experience without trekking too far into the dunes. Some of the tented camps are nearby but others can be a three-day camel trek into the desert.


If tourists are booked for a desert trek with one of the companies, they should inquire about transfers from the airport to Mhamid. Another option is the CTM bus. The trip from Marrakesh to Mhamid is about 10 hours. Car hire is available and Mhamid is reachable by any type of vehicle.


The Nomads Festival, a celebration of the lives of these wandering desert people, is held every year in March in Mhamid. The idea is to tell their stories. Music, dance, cooking courses and craft work stalls are some of the other features.

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