Ghana Passport Information

Ghana Passport Information
Residents of Ghana who wish to establish their citizenship and travel abroad must apply for a Ghana passport. Applicants must fill out the required application and submit it at their nearest immigration office with all accompanying paperwork.

Application Form

An application for the Republic of Ghana passport form may be purchased for a small fee at a local post office. Fill out the form carefully without erasing or whiting out any errors or else it will not be accepted.

Additional Documentation

Applicants for a Ghana passport must prove their citizenship with an original birth certificate, an old passport, certificate of naturalization or a baptismal certificate.

Passport Photos

Applicants must provide four recent passport-sized photos. One must be endorsed by a witness on the back with the statement, "This is a true image or likeness of the applicant."

Receiving Your Passport

Once the Ghana passport is submitted with the appropriate fee and approved, it must be picked up from the regional immigration office within 30 days of submission.

Ghana Citizens Abroad

Citizens of Ghana who must renew or replace their passports while traveling internationally must go to the nearest Ghana Embassy to apply in person.

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