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  • Washington State Boating Regulations on Lake Roosevelt

    Washington State Boating Regulations on Lake Roosevelt
    Visitors to Lake Roosevelt come for fishing, camping, hunting and boating. Boaters in Washington State's Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area must follow local regulations in addition to federal boating laws.


    Boat launch permits, obtainable from local National Park Service offices, are required year-round, regardless of boat type. A weekly pass is $6, and seasonal passes are available.


    Vessels may not be moored in recreation waters for more than 30 days a year. Shore anchors or mooring buoys may not be left behind.
    No overnight mooring in developed areas, unless boaters have an agreement with an authorized concessionaire or community access point authority. National Park Service Area campers may moor boats, less than 35 feet long, overnight at courtesy docks.
    Areas marked as "Developed Boat Launch" are available for 15-minute loading-only moorage.

    Camping Aboard

    Camping aboard a vessel is only allowed in undeveloped areas at least a half-mile away from developed areas. All persons aboard must have an appropriate means of containing and removing solid human wastes.


    Gasoline-powered motors are prohibited in the area of Crescent Bay.

    No-Wake Zones

    No-wake zones include Crescent Bay and the areas from Hawk Creek to the base of the waterfall, from north Kettle River to Napoleon Bridge, from the mouth of Kettle River to Kamloops Campground, from the Highway 25 bridge upstream to the park boundary, and from Two Rivers Marina to Fort Spokane Boat Launch.


    Additional no-wake zones for jet-skis and other personal watercraft include any area within 200 feet of launch ramps, marina facilities, campgrounds, picnic areas, swim beaches, water skiers or swimmers. No personal watercraft are allowed on the Kettle River.

    Article Written By Jeff Studebaker

    Jeff Studebaker is a travel writer and recreational fisherman who started writing professionally in 2003 as a Bangkok-based reporter. Covering Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, he has published more than 1,000 articles in magazines including "Travel Trade Gazette," "MICE Magazine," and "Business Travel News." A psychology B.A. from Western Washington University, he is now based in Bellingham, Wash.

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