Things to Do in Columbus

Things to Do in Columbus
Columbus, in central Ohio, is the state capital and home to the Ohio State University. With a young, active population, hiking and cycling opportunities abound. The long history of the Ohio Valley also provides outdoor opportunities to explore historic sites.

Hiking: Overlook and Dripping Rock Trail

Overlook and Dripping Rock Trail is a moderate 5.8-mile round trip through a hardwood forest, past prehistoric native earthworks and to a shale cliff riverbank with geologic anomalies.

Hiking: Blackhand to Quarry Rim Trail

Blackhand to Quarry Rim Trail is a moderately difficult 2.4-mile trail climbing to a river overlook with a scenic gorge cut through sandstone and shale. The hike traverses a hardwood forest and wildflower-abundant meadows.

History: Franklin Park Conservatory

Preserving ecological systems since 1895, the Franklin Park Conservatory is 90 acres of greenhouses, simulated eco-systems, plants and fauna. Promoting botanical education and horticultural science for over 110 years, the Conservatory is world-renowned for its efforts. Seeing it all is a lengthy stroll.

History: Slate Run Living Historical Farm

Running a farm without power vehicles, power tools and electricity is just part of what is learned at the Slate Run Living Historical Farm. This is a hands-on activity, including an opportunity for children to assist the farmer with the chores. The barn was built by the Amish more than 100 years ago.

Road biking: Teutonic Village Volksbiking

Teutonic Village Volksbiking offers a four-mile road trip through a historic and once-blighted area of downtown Columbus. Restored buildings and small shops abound.

Road biking: Covered Bridge Ramble

Covered Bridge Ramble is a 33-mile road trip through the Columbus area designed to cross many of the state's historic covered bridges. Ohio ranks just behind Pennsylvania for the number of publicly accessible covered bridges with more than 130 statewide.

Article Written By Eric Jay Toll

Eric Jay Toll has been writing since 1970, influenced by his active lifestyle. An outdoorsman, businessman, planner and travel writer, Toll's work appears in travel guides for the Navajo Nation, "TIME" and "Planning" magazines and on various websites. He studied broadcast marketing and management at Southern Illinois University.

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