Information About Spain

Information About Spain
Spain has been one of the world's more powerful countries for centuries. Despite being smaller in size to many world powers, the education and technology of Spain is rather advanced. The undeveloped countryside attracts countless travelers and hikers who appreciate nature's beauty.


Spain is the 58th-largest country in the world, according to the CIA World Factbook, with just over 505,000 square kilometers (195,364 square miles). The country is just over twice the size of Oregon.


The overall climate is temperate. Inland, the summers tend to be hot and clear, and winters are often cloudy and cold. Along the coast, summers bring moderate temperatures and cloudy weather, and winters are cool with generally partly cloudy skies.


The CIA's July 2009 census estimated more than 40.5 million people living in Spain. Spain has the 33rd-largest population in the world.

Picos de Europa

Just 20 miles off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the Picos de Europa is a must-see for any adventure enthusiast. The mountain range peaks 9,000 feet and features magnificent giant gorges.


Ninety-four percent of Spaniards practice the Roman Catholic religion. The majority of Spaniards are of Mediterranean and Nordic decent.


Castilian Spanish is the official language of Spain, and 74 percent of the population speak it as a first language. Spain is governed with a parliamentary monarchy. King Juan Carlos I reigns as the chief of state as of 2009. His son, Prince Felipe, is the next heir to the throne.

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