Information About Sitges in Spain

Information About Sitges in Spain
Sitges is a small cosmopolitan town in Spain. Its location between the mountains and the sea makes it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.


Sitges is located in the Garraf region of Spain, 22 miles south of Barcelona. The town spreads along 11 miles of the Mediterranean Sea and sits at the southern edge of Garraf Massif--a rocky mountain range.


Sitges went down in history as a Roman settlement, a medieval fort and an Arabic castle.


Sitges has sunshine more than 300 days a year.The town's location in front of the mountains gives it mild summers and winters.


Sitges features 17 beaches and a wide array of water sports. Sailing, kayaking and surfing are some of the beach activities Sitges' visitors enjoy. Mountain biking and hiking are also available in the Garraf Massif.


Sitges is famous for hosting the International Film Festival every October, and the Carnival in February.

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