About Appleton, Wisconsin Tourism

About Appleton, Wisconsin Tourism
Appleton, Wisconsin, is located along Lake Winnebago, only 30 minutes north of Oshkosh. With the large lake and parks to accompany, Appleton is an ideal location for fishing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.


Appleton can be reached by car, bus or airplane. However, for those coming from other towns located along the Winnebago, you can also reach Appleton by boat.


Although most people fish in the smaller towns located between Oshkosh and Appleton,a number of fishing areas can be found in the county parks, including Lutz Park.


There are no campgrounds within Appleton, but a variety of parks and campgrounds are nearby. Apple Creek Campground is located in De Pere and Calumet County Park is only a 15-minute drive. If this is not ideal for you, Appleton has a large selection of hotels across the city.


Whether you are traveling with children or not, Appleton offers a number of parks for picnics and enjoying the city.


Hiking trails are not hard to find in Appleton. Some of the most popular trails can be found in Appleton Memorial Park, Bubolz Nature Preserve, Plamann Park and Heckrodt Wetland Reserve.

Article Written By Melissa Warner

Melissa Warner is a freelance writer and editor in Milwaukee, Wis. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications, including "The Irish American Post" and "The London Student." Warner received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and mass communication from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

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