The Effects of Tourism in Alaska

The Effects of Tourism in Alaska
Alaska is an increasingly popular tourist destination, whether by land or sea, and its communities and businesses have seen an economic boost. Concerns exist about protecting the unspoiled landscapes and the easy-going way of life, but many of the effects of tourism in Alaska have been positive.

Infrastructure Development

Quality improvements have been made to airports, roads and ferries, in addition to roadside visitor facilities. A safe, well-maintained infrastructure encourages new visitors and as well as repeat ones.


State Park Funding

Alaska's state parks are at the center of its tourism experience. Increased funding not only maintains existing assets, but improves the quality and safety of the parks for visitors.

Recreational Diversity

Noise and pollution from the use of off-highway vehicles, such as ATVs and dirt motorcycles, damage the environment beyond normal use. The creation of multi-use trails for hikers and cyclists off-sets the impact by motorized vehicles.

Wildlife Conservation

The state's diverse wildlife makes Alaska an unique destination for many tourists. New and existing management policies protect those healthy ecosystems.

Community Progress

As visitors to Alaska's towns have increased, the development of these areas to make them more attractive has been substantial. Major site upgrades and new businesses encourage tourists to extend their visits or plan return trips.


Article Written By Denise Skwarcan

Denise Skwarcan is the managing editor of a national sports magazine and a freelance writer living in northern Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor's degree, and has been published both in print and online. Her specialties include sports, animals and travel.

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