Advance Bass Fishing Tips

Advance Bass Fishing Tips
Advanced bass fishing requires practice and execution of fundamental skills. Successful bass fishermen can locate and catch fish on a regular basis. Spending time on the water is the best method to becoming a better bass fisherman.


Advanced bass fishing requires the use of functional, high-performance equipment. Good equipment allows for accurate casting and minimizes malfunctions while fishing.


Casting accuracy is a critical part of bass fishing. Casting can be practiced on land in an open area with targets laid on the ground. Clip the hook off a lure and practice hitting the targets at different distances to improve accuracy.

Locating Bass

Knowing where to find bass is important for a successful fishing trip. Bass like shaded areas with plenty of cover. Log jams, weed beds and undercut banks are great places to locate bass.

Catching Bass

Bass hide and wait for prey to come to them. When the prey is close, the bass ambushes it quickly for an easy meal. Bass will attack a lure that looks like wounded prey.


Weather is important for bass. They are a warm-water fish and will be sluggish in cold weather. A warm, overcast day is ideal for bass fishing.

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