About Shore Fishing in Hawaii

About Shore Fishing in Hawaii
Hawaii has an abundance of shore-fishing opportunities. Fishing for saltwater species in the surf is a well-known activity, but Hawaii also offers inland freshwater-fishing opportunities.

The Species

Shore fisherman in Hawaii have the opportunity to catch a variety of species. Some of the most commonly targeted species include bonefish, trevally, mackerel and several varieties of reef fish.


Shorefishing on the ocean is done with a long fishing pole or traditional nets. Most of the time is spent waiting for schools of fish to enter the area. When the schools come through, the action is exciting.


Hawaii has some undiscovered freshwater fishing. Lake Wilson, on Oahu, has monster bass, bluegill and catfish that can be caught from shore.


Traditional fishing in Hawaii utilizes nets to trap schools of fish. Modern tackle includes long poles or the use of flyfishing equipment. Flyfishing is becoming popular on the flats for bonefish and trevally.


Hawaii is an ideal location for shore fishing. With the ocean and abundant freshwater opportunities, there is a rich fishing resource that has not experienced problems with over-harvesting or environmental damage from extreme pollution.

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