Morocco Tourism

Morocco Tourism
The North African country of Morocco is a cultural melting pot that offers visitors the chance to soak up Islamic, French and Spanish culture. Outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers will enjoy Morocco's multiple landscapes, which offer a wide variety of activities.


Whether trekking through the sands of the Sahara Desert or hiking in the Atlas Mountains of northern Morocco, all levels of hikers can find a picturesque journey during their visit.


Morocco is home to hundreds of beaches along its Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts. The farther south you go, such as the resort town of Essaouria, the warmer the beaches become.

Water Sports

Morocco's coastal areas offer world-class surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. With fast and powerful waves, surf spots such as Sidi Bouzid are ranked in the top 10 surfing spots of the world.


Morocco is home to many nature reserves and parks. The last colony of monk seals at Dakhla Bay in El Hoceima National Park and the lush valleys at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains are some of the most visited areas.


The Atlas Mountains give climbers lots of choices for treks throughout northern Morocco. More experienced climbers will prefer to take the two-day trek to Mount Toubkal, which is the second-highest peak in Africa.


Underground networks connected to a large number of caves can be found throughout Morocco. Adventure travelers will enjoy exploring the caves and looking for ancient cave paintings.

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