Fire Pit Regulations in Racine, WI

Fire Pit Regulations in Racine, WI
Recreational fires are an entertaining part of any camping trip. Following fire regulations and safety guidelines is necessary to prevent forest fires and damage to the ecosystem. When in doubt, put the fire out.

Invasive Species

Before lighting a fire, consider the origin of the firewood. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources does not allow firewood to be transported more than 50 miles. Invasive species are a threat to trees and they can easily travel to new forests in a bundle of wood.


Quarantined Areas

Firewood cannot be moved outside of quarantined areas. Most quarantined areas are infected by the emerald ash borer.

Fire Restrictions

There are no campfire restrictions in Wisconsin, including Racine. Temporary fire restrictions can be activated when it is dry and fire danger reaches a high level.

Fire Pit

A properly built fire pit should be dug out in the center and surrounded by rocks to contain embers and block the wind.


After enjoying your fire, pour water on the hot embers and stir the pit to be sure the fire is out. Do not build a fire in dense areas that contain materials that will burn easily.



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