Slippery Elm Trail

Slippery Elm Trail
Slippery Elm Trail is a state-recognized trail in Ohio that connects Bowling Green to North Baltimore, running through several small local parks along the way. This is a paved and well-maintained trail designed both for hikers and bikers.

Trail Length

The Slippery Elm Trail runs 13 miles in total length. The trail is generally on flat land, but does curve a bit around scenery.



Scenery along the trail include parks, farmland, woods, green hills and some urban area.

Towns on Route

This trail connects the towns of Bowling Green, Ohio, with North Baltimore, Ohio. In between these two towns is the small village of Rudolph, which the Slippery Elm Trail runs right through.

Activities Allowed

This is a paved trail that is designated for shared use by hikers as well as cyclists. There are several small parks along the Slippery Elm Trail that have the normal spaces for grilling, as well as a few playgrounds for kids.

Common Wildlife

There is a variety of wildlife along this trail. Possibilities include red-tail hawks, deer, red squirrels and the full variety of snakes and birds from this part of Ohio.


There are facilities like bathrooms all along the trail, and each of the three towns this trail runs through have nearby restaurants or small shops.


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