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  • About Downhill Ski Suits

    A ski suit won't make you a better skier, but it can make your day on the slopes more enjoyable. Although you do not need a fancy ski suit, you do need to find the right combination of comfort and function.
    About Downhill Ski Suits


    A downhill ski suit should keep you warm and comfortable without restricting movement. It should also keep you dry and be lightweight.



    The best ski suits are constructed of modern, breathable materials that allow moisture to exit the suit without any moisture entering the suit.


    Downhill ski suits built for racing will be much lighter than those built for everyday use. Racing suits are thin and designed for single races rather than all-day use. For long days, buy a warmer suit.


    A properly fit ski suit will allow optimal movement. Try on the suit before buying to ensure that you will be mobile while skiing.


    You don't need to buy the highest priced ski suit, but don't overlook quality. Fit and durability are features you'll want. Low-end ski suits tend to be less durable, so avoid the cheapest options.

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