Guided Bluegill Fishing

Guided Bluegill Fishing
Bluegill is not a difficult species to catch, and most guides do not specialize in bluegill fishing. But there are guides who will pursue bluegill as well as other species that exist in bluegill waters. When targeting bluegill on unfamiliar water, a guide can show you techniques and help locate the fish.

Time Frame

Bluegill can be caught year-round, but guides will focus on bluegill during the spring spawn. During the spawn, bluegill will congregate on sandy shoals, and the fishing action can be incredible.


Most guides will provide tackle, but it does not hurt to bring your own. A lightweight rod and 4-lb. monofilament line are great for bluegill fishing. Also carry a variety of top water and sinking lures, and flies.

Big Bluegill

A guide is helpful if you are targeting big bluegill. The guide should know where they are and how to catch them. Although you will not always catch the trophy fish, a guide will greatly increase the chances.


Most freshwater guides will target bluegill as a secondary species on your trip. If you want to focus on bluegill, do not hesitate to make a special request.

Expert Insight

Using a guide is a great way to learn techniques and gain valuable knowledge. They can save you years of frustration for a small price.

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