What Are Ski Goggles Are Made Of?

What Are Ski Goggles Are Made Of?
Ski goggles are designed as a protective piece of equipment. They protect the eyes from snow, ice and sun while allowing movement of the eyes and peripheral vision. Ski goggles are built for comfort and safety.


Ski goggles use a soft frame and an elastic band to hold the position of the goggles while moving at fast speeds. The soft frame creates a seal that prevents ice and snow from entering the goggles.


There are a variety of lenses available for ski goggles. Most lenses are made of a polycarbonate material that is shatter resistant and durable.

Lens Color

Lens color is an important part of selecting ski goggles. A polarized lens is comfortable and cuts glare, but it also interferes with vision of ice, which can be dangerous while skiing. Orange and yellow tinted lenses provide maximum visibility.

Lens Features

When purchasing ski goggles, consider buying a lens with UV protection. Also look for scratch resistant and anti-fogging lenses.


Besides being an important piece of safety equipment, ski goggles make skiing more comfortable and can improve vision while on the snow.


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