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  • Columbia River Regulations on Sturgeon Fishing

    Columbia River Regulations on Sturgeon Fishing
    The Columbia River runs through Oregon and Washington before it enters the Pacific Ocean. Fishing for the prehistoric sturgeon species is popular on the river and all seasonal laws and other regulations must be followed.


    Sturgeon limits are based on a quota and are subject to change. Fishermen should check the regulations before targeting sturgeon in the Columbia River.



    Sturgeon fishermen are limited to one fish per day and five fish annually. Fishermen may catch and release sturgeon after reaching the maximum.


    The sturgeon season is open all year unless special regulations are enacted by the Department of Fish and Wildlife. The season will also close if it is determined that sturgeon are threatened by poachers, natural disaster or any event that will have an adverse effect on their population.

    Methods of Take

    Fishing tackle must not be left unattended. Sturgeon tackle requires a single barbless hook and all fish kept must be within the legal size range. The legal size limit varies throughout the river system.

    Expert Insight

    Sturgeon follow schools of baitfish and do not stay in one area. Before fishing it is beneficial to contact or hire a guide who knows where to locate the fish.


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