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  • Maryland Non-Tidal Fishing Regulations

    Maryland Non-Tidal Fishing Regulations
    Maryland has separate fishing regulations for its nontidal waters, which the state defines as lakes, stream, ponds and rivers that are separate from Chesapeake Bay and its waters. In addition to having a nontidal license, an angler must adhere to the limits and seasons for each species of fish.

    Creel Limits

    An angler can possess no more than five smallmouth or largemouth bass per day, with a group of fishermen able to keep 10 total bass.

    Open Season

    There is no closed season for many types of fish in Maryland's nontidal waters. It is legal to fish year round for species such as carp, pickerel, crappie, northern pike and channel catfish.

    Size Limits

    Some fish have no size limit such as trout, except in areas where regulations have one in place. Other species must be a certain length for the angler to keep, such as the 9 inches a yellow perch has to be for it to meet state regulations as a legal fish.

    Out of Season

    If an angler accidently catches a fish that is out of season, he must rapidly return it to the water.

    Measuring Fish

    Maryland requires an angler measure a fish from the end of its tail to the tip of its nose when trying to ascertain legal lengths.

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