Facts on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Facts on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
Spending time outdoors can be a great way to reconnect with nature, get some exercise and enjoy time with family and friends. Located along the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina's Wrightsville Beach offers a variety of activities for recreational enthusiasts of any level.


Most early visitors to Wrightsville Beach were fishermen and hunters traveling to the island by boat. It started to be transferred into private ownership in 1791. A popular sailing locale, Wrightsville's first structure was the Carolina Yacht Club in 1893. A turnpike and railroad were also added, making it easily accessible, and a popular tourist spot and weekend getaway destination for Wilmington residents.


Wrightsville Beach is actually an island located just 10 miles east of Wilmington, North Carolina.


The town of Wrightsville Beach consists of a four-mile-long beach island, an interior island named Harbor Island, and has portions of commercial property on the mainland.


Wrightsville Beach offers a variety of activities, including boating, fishing, surfing, swimming and playing on the beach. Kayaking, canoeing, golfing and tennis are also popular. The island is also part of the North Carolina Birding Trail and tours of the Mason Inlet Water Bird Management Area are also available.


Travelers are advised to make reservations for lodging as availability may vary depending on the time of year.

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