Types of Shoreline Saltwater Fish in Georgia

Types of Shoreline Saltwater Fish in Georgia
Georgia's Atlantic Ocean shoreline provides great angling opportunities, especially for those who do not have access to a boat. Fishing the surf in Georgia can yield some great catches. Read on to learn more about the saltwater species available to shoreline anglers in this great state.

Spotted Sea Trout

Peak season for this great-tasting game fish is in the fall, from October through December. Fishing oyster beds with a live shrimp suspended under a float with yield the best results.

Red Drum

This popular saltwater game fish shows up along the Georgia coast in the fall and tends to congregate in creek mouths. Try casting a plastic swimbait to find active fish and switch to a live shrimp if the fish are less aggressive.


These delicious fish are found on the bottom and are abundant in Georgia waters from spring through fall. Use a bottom or fish-finder rig baited with shrimp to tempt a hungry flounder.


A relative of the red and black drum, croakers are also bottom feeders that show up in Georgia waters from August through November. Try using dead shrimp or squid fished on a bottom rig to catch croaker.


This species is popular among saltwater anglers because of its mild, flaky meat. These cousins of the sea trout can be found near oyster beds in the spring and summer and are easily caught on a bottom rig baited with shrimp.

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