Georgia Trout Information

Georgia Trout InformationWhile Georgia may not be known as a trout fishing destination to most anglers, the state's DNR is working to change that. With aggressive stocking programs and stream rehabilitation, Georgia hosts ample opportunities to tangle with a feisty trout. (Rainbow Trout release in Noontoola Creek, Georgia)

Proper Management

Georgia stocks trout throughout the 4,000 miles of trout streams in the state from early March till Labor Day. Known as "Trout Stocking Season" in the state, some streams may get stocked on a weekly basis during the year.


Types of Trout

Georgia stocks three types of trout in the state: rainbow, brown and brook. Rainbows and browns are the most widely planted while brook trout are stocked in wilderness areas.

Catch and Release Zones

Georgia designates certain stretches of river as "catch and release" to promote larger trout. Since the fish do not get harvested quickly after stocking, they allowed to adapt to stream life and grow to trophy sizes.

Trout Season

Anglers in Georgia are allowed to catch trout from the last Saturday in March till Oct. 31 each year. This is the time of year when the trout are most abundant thanks to the aggressive stocking program set forth by the DNR.

Special Regulations

Georgia has designated certain streams as "Artificial Lures Only,", meaning no live or dead bait can be used. These rivers include the Chattahoochee, Coleman and Consauga.


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