Fishing Regulations for Kingston, Washington

Fishing Regulations for Kingston, Washington
Kingston offers an abundance of fishing opportunities. The town is located on the Kitsap Peninsula and has easy access to saltwater fishing as well as inland lakes and streams. The inland area offers trout and bass while the nearby ocean has a multitude of sportfish.


Fishing regulations are updated annually. It is important to know the regulations and have a fishing license with all the required stamps before going fishing.

Inland Lakes

All inland lakes, ponds, and reservoirs are open to fishing year-round. Special regulations and seasons apply to bull trout, dolly varden, and grass carp.

Inland Streams

All inland rivers and streams are open to fishing from the first Saturday in June through Oct. 31. Special regulations apply to bull trout, dolly varden, and grass carp.


The Kingston area is home to a large variety of saltwater game fish. Wild steelhead must be released and there is a daily limit of two fresh salmon. There is one daily limit of shellfish and no limit for tuna or mackerel.


It is important to know the area in which you plan to fish. Certain areas have special regulations and different limits than the statewide regulations. Read the regulation book and check with the Department of Fish and Game for updates and changes.

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