Carp Fishing in Minnesota

Carp Fishing in Minnesota
Carp are abundant in Minnesota rivers and lakes and they can grow to enormous sizes. Carp are often referred to as an invasive "trash" fish but in reality they are elusive and difficult to catch. Carp can be pursued with a variety of tackle and they are a hard-fighting game fish.


Carp are easy to identify. They have a round sucker mouth and large scales. Their color scheme is usually golden or golden-brown but they can become quite dark on the back. Most carp look like a koi that you would find in a domestic pond.


Carp are native to Asia but have succeeded as a transplant due to their high tolerance for pollution and their ability to survive in a variety of underwater ecosystems. Carp are considered a nuisance because they compete for food sources with native fish. Carp are used as a tool in some aquatic environments because they filter algae that deplete the water's oxygen content.

Carp in Minnesota

Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes and many of these lakes have healthy populations of carp. Carp are not a popular sportfish in Minnesota and the existing populations have minimal fishing pressure.

Catching Carp

Many fisherman sight-fish for carp. They do not cast until they have located a group of feeding carp and have pinpointed the direction of their movement. Regulations are not strict and carp can be taken by any means in most waters. Bow fishing, light tackle, and flyfishing are all popular methods of catching carp.

Expert Insight

Carp can be elusive and difficult to catch if you do not have a plan. Spring and summer are the best times to find carp in shallow water. They will cruise shallow flats in search of food. When they strike, it can be very soft so be prepared to set the hook.

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