Russian Passport Information

Russian Passport Information
Every Russian citizen over 14 years of age is required to have a passport. The Russian passport is the main form of identification for people living in the Russian Federation. Travel passports are also available to Russian citizens, but usually only for those who are diplomats. If you are a Russian citizen traveling outside of Russia, you must have a passport to enter another country.

Russian Passport

Russian citizens receive passports when they turn 14 from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. The passport contains all identifying information and a picture. It may also contain information about your children and marriage. The passport must be renewed at age 20 and age 45.

Travel Passport

If you wish to travel, you must obtain a travel passport, which allows you to travel to 81 countries. Russia has contracts with these 81 countries, enabling their citizens to travel safely to those locations. Typically, only government employees, diplomats and members of the Russian military can have travel passports.

Passport Renewal

Russian citizens in the United States must go to the Russian Consulate in Washington, D.C., to process their passports. The Russian Consulate can renew a passport only if you have a permanent address in the Russian Federation, are temporarily residing in the USA on a green card or student/work visa, or your passport has been lost.

Passports for Russians living in America

If you are a Russian citizen who is permanently living in the United States and you are registered with the Russian Consulate in Washington, D.C., you can renew your passport through the Russian Consulate if it is expired, if you have used all the pages in your passport or if it is lost.

Return Permit

If you have lost your Russian travel passport during your visit to the United States, you may apply for a permit to return to the Russian Federation. A return permit sets an exact departure date for your return to Russia and is only good for 15 days. Your passport will be voided and a new one will be issued upon your return.

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