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  • Rules & Regulations for Campground & RV Parks in Florida

    Rules & Regulations for Campground & RV Parks in Florida
    RVing and camping in Florida can be an inexpensive and enjoyable way to travel and experience the state. Because Florida is a desired location for travelers and tourists, visiting the state's campgrounds and RV parks offers a chance to see some of Florida's natural beauty. There are campgrounds and RV parks near theme parks and attractions and alongside white-sand beaches.


    Florida State Parks enforce rules and regulations set by the state and Florida's Department of Environmental Protection. Private RV parks and campgrounds, along with national, county and city parks, often have their own set of rules for visitors. That said, Florida law protects visitors to certain extents, including that service cannot be refused on the basis of age, gender, religion or race.


    Florida state parks charge a fee for use. Annual and daily entrance passes are available, and overnight fees apply for camping and RVing within park boundaries. Check fees prior to arrival.

    Time Frame

    Make reservations because availability in campgrounds and RV parks in Florida may vary depending on the time of year. Most campgrounds allow campers to check in beginning at 1 p.m. and RVers at 3 p.m. If spaces are available, an earlier check-in is possible.


    The ability to build a campfire may vary due to weather and fire danger. Check with the park or site manager upon arrival. Florida requires that campfires, grills and fire pits be kept in designated places.


    Florida boasts a diverse population of wildlife. It is against state law to feed or harm any wild animals, except when legally hunting or fishing. Bears and alligators can be especially dangerous, so follow all warning signs and obey all rules. Many campgrounds and RV parks allow pets; however, they need to be leashed at all times when at a campsite. Proof of vaccinations must be kept readily available.

    Article Written By A.C. Bauer

    A.C. Bauer is a seasoned adventurist with explorations spanning four continents, including hiking Machu Picchu, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, running the Ice Age Trail and road biking out of her front door. She has written marketing materials for eight years and worked for Red Bull, Disney and Dick's Sporting Goods, and received a master's in recreation and sport science from Ohio University.

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