Rock on the Range Information

Rock on the Range Information
Rock on the Range is an annual music festival held at Columbus Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio and more recently has expanded to include shows in Winnipeg, Canada.


The concert started in 2007 in Columbus, Ohio. This two-day festival boasts some of rock's best known bands, and with the help of three stages and high attendance, Rock on the Range has grown to be one of the largest hard rock concert events in the world.


In 2007, Rock on the Range in Columbus attracted upwards of 30,000 fans, growing in 2008 and to 50,000 and 55,000 in 2009.

Time Frame

The Rock on the Range festival takes place in Columbus on the third weekend in May. Concert organizers plan on keeping it during this weekend for the upcoming years.


More than 35 bands play at Rock on the Range during the weekend festivities and have included ZZ Top, Alice in Chains, Motley Crue, Korn, Buckcherry, Kid Rock, Stone Temple Pilots and 3 Doors Down, among others.


Hotel accommodations around the festival fill up fast. For the Columbus show, concert attendees are able to enjoy the benefits of camping at local Ohio State Parks, including Delaware and Alum Creek. In Winnipeg, attendees are able to stay at local parks and campgrounds.

Article Written By A.C. Bauer

A.C. Bauer is a seasoned adventurist with explorations spanning four continents, including hiking Machu Picchu, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, running the Ice Age Trail and road biking out of her front door. She has written marketing materials for eight years and worked for Red Bull, Disney and Dick's Sporting Goods, and received a master's in recreation and sport science from Ohio University.

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