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  • B.C. Salt Water Fishing Regulations & Closures

    B.C. Salt Water Fishing Regulations & Closures
    Saltwater fishing in British Columbia offers recreational fishermen the opportunity to experience beautiful scenery and fish some of the world's most renowned waters. Fishermen choosing to saltwater fish in British Columbia should keep some basic rules, regulations and closure areas in mind.


    In an effort to preserve natural habitat, sea life populations and manage the high demand for fishing coastal waters off British Columbia, Fisheries and Oceans Canada enforces a strict code of conduct, safe fishing habits and rules for recreational fisherman.


    All saltwater fishing locations in British Columbia are managed under specific areas and sub areas along the Pacific coast. Closures along the coast occur seasonally and permanently due to specific management/conservation or health reasons. These areas can change and anglers should check local conditions regularly.


    Fisheries and Oceans Canada has a number of strict rules and regulations, including anglers familiarizing themselves with fishing and boating laws, using proper tackle methods for the species being targeted, limiting your catch, and prohibiting the use of barbed hook and spears on certain species. Leaving fish line unattended, using explosives or chemicals, torches or artificial lights, snares and trapping fish on their spawning ground are also prohibited. It is also illegal to buy, sell, barter or attempt to buy any fish caught while sport fishing.


    Fisheries and Oceans Canada limits the daily catch and amount allowed in your possession for many species of fish, including salmon, finfish and shellfish. Additionally, female crabs are not allowed in anyone's possession. If caught, they must be immediately returned to the waters from which they were taken in a manner that causes the least amount of harm.


    Fisheries and Oceans Canada requires a valid Tidal Water (saltwater) Sport Fishing License and associated stamps. There are different areas open for angling for Canadian citizens verse non-residents. Be sure to be review all Pacific Fishery Management Area Regulations prior to saltwater fishing in British Columbia.

    Article Written By A.C. Bauer

    A.C. Bauer is a seasoned adventurist with explorations spanning four continents, including hiking Machu Picchu, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, running the Ice Age Trail and road biking out of her front door. She has written marketing materials for eight years and worked for Red Bull, Disney and Dick's Sporting Goods, and received a master's in recreation and sport science from Ohio University.

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