Chicago Tourism Information

Chicago Tourism Information
Chicago offers something for everyone--from culture, architecture and theater to shopping, dining and outdoor activities. In fact, there are plenty of places to hike, climb, bike, run or sail. Travel here is easy, affordable and unforgettable.

Getting There

Chicago is easily accessed by flying into O'Hare International Airport or Midway Airport. From there, visitors can take a cab into the city or public transportation. Driving is also an option, since so many highways feed into the city (I-90, I-55 and I-80/94).


Chicago is uniquely located along the western side of Lake Michigan and built up around the Chicago River. The city planners long ago developed open spaces, parks and beaches along the water so that today the city is ideal for walkers, runners, rollerbladers--and even beach bums during the summer months.

Time Frame

A visit to Chicago can be completed in a weekend, especially if you are just exploring the city. For people who would like to spend time sailing, hike and bike the trails outside of the city or visit preserves, a five to-seven-day trip would be better.


Chicago boasts some of the best shopping, theater and 20th-century architecture in the world, in addition to the lakefront and outdoor activities. Restaurants and cuisine to suit any taste can be found all over the city as well.

Famous Ties

Chicago is known for its mobster ties; in fact, Al Capone is buried in a cemetery just outside the city. This history has resulted in the popularity of "mob tours"; see the Mob Tour reference for more information.

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