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  • Ocean Kayak Ambush Information

    Ocean Kayak Ambush Information
    The Ambush Kayak from Ocean Kayak is a sportsman's kayak equipped for fly fishing, duck hunting, trolling or reel fishing. This sit-on-top kayak has plenty of room to store gear, is stable enough to stand on and has a motor mount for a variety of motors.


    The Ocean Kayak Ambush is 13 feet, 10 inches long with a width of 44 inches, making it one of the wider kayaks on the market. At 100 lbs., it is a bit heavy and would require a kayak trolley if you plan to take it out alone. With a weight capacity of 800 lbs., the kayak is capable of holding a lot of heavy gear.


    Features of the Ocean Kayak Ambush include a removable/reversible second seat, molded-in storage well with cover and straps, 6-inch screw-in bow hatch, scupper holes and stoppers, and bow and stern toggle handles.


    The Ocean Kayak Ambush comes in olive drab, making it a great kayak for hunting but not so great for the heat of the Gulf Coast. Olive drab absorbs the heat from the sun, making it almost impossible to touch in direct sunlight without burning your hand.

    Water Types

    Because of the flat bottom of the Ocean Kayak Ambush, it is suited for flat water (bays, ponds, lakes and marshes), ocean waves or swells of moderate size, and rivers. It is not a whitewater kayak because of its size, heft and the fact it is a sit-on-top kayak.


    With the stability the Ocean Kayak Ambush has, you should be able to stand and fish off the deck of the boat as well as duck hunt in shallow marshes. Other uses for the kayak include nature watching, bird watching, photography, fly fishing and camping.

    Article Written By Laurie Roddy

    A native of Houston, Laurie Roddy is a freelance outdoor writer with over 25 years writing experience. The main topics that she prefers to write about include hiking, golf, paddling, and traveling. She is a contributing writer for "Cy-Fair Magazine" and writes regularly for several websites. Roddy attended the University of Houston receiving a journalism degree. She has written "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Houston."

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