Bait & Techniques When Fishing for Walleye

Bait & Techniques When Fishing for WalleyeWalleye are prized not only for their sweet, flaky meat, but for the challenge of catching them in their deep hiding places. Utilizing a few tips and strategies will help you catch a walleye worth bragging about.

Walleye Habitat

Walleye can be found in both open lakes and in streams. They prefer deep, shadowy pockets with vegetative growth and cover to protect their eggs. In streams, they cling to shorelines in pockets where the current is less strong.

Open Water Technique

In large lakes, trolling is the best method to reach them at their shadowy depths.

Open Water Lures

Use a lure that wiggles or rattles to attract walleyes' attention. Since they can feed 10 to 90 feet below the surface, a deep diver is needed.

Shoreline Technique

Find a shadowy spot that affords walleye cover beneath downed trees or logs, or at the base of rocks. Jigging creates motion that attracts the walleye to your lure. Once you find a spot where they are biting, continue to fish the same area since they cluster together.

Jigging Lures

Use a variety of jig lures until you find one the fish prefer. A simple jig head with a brightly colored, plastic grub, or the more complex spinners and rattling spoons will surely catch their attention.

Use Your Resources

When fishing a new area, always consult your local fish and wildlife office. Those organizations offer a wealth of knowledge about the locations and lure preferences of the fish in their area.

Article Written By Liz Hinman

Liz Hinman in an English teacher from North Carolina. She has spent the past seven years helping students better their lives through reading, writing, and experiencing the outdoors. She has decided it is time to better her own life by returning to her passion for writing.

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