Northeast Bird Identification

Northeast Bird Identification
Many of the birds that live in the northeastern United States are residents of this region year round despite the hardship of winter. Some of these birds have distinguishing features and/or behavior that can help in their identification.


The ruffed grouse is a game bird often heard long before it is seen. An individual walking through the autumn woods will flush them from their ground hiding places, resulting in a thunder-like whir of wings as the grouse heads for a nearby tree.


Those that provide birds with a feeder complete with seeds will soon learn that the tufted titmouse is a nervous diner, grabbing a single seed before flying away to eat safely on a branch.


Outstanding colors highlight the blue jay and the northern cardinal. The blue jay is a large songbird with primarily blue feathers marked with black and white, while the cardinal male is a showy red with a black "mask" around its beak and eyes.


The Northeast is home to many types of raptors. These include the turkey vulture, bald eagle, red-tailed hawk and the fish hawk, also called an osprey.


Often someone can identify a bird by the songs or calls it makes. Birds like the northern bobwhite, mourning dove and kingfisher are Northeast species with distinctive calls that aid in their identification.

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