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  • Information on Ontario Game Fish

    Information on Ontario Game Fish
    Ontario is the second largest province in all of Canada and home to thousands of ponds, lakes, streams and rivers. These Canadian waterways contain game fish species that the anglers who venture to Ontario pursue year-round.


    The northern pike and muskellunge are two members of the pike family that live in Ontario's waters. Both are ultra-aggressive ambush predator species that possess rows of sharp teeth, a tubular body and a flattened mouth designed for grasping prey.


    Ontario's rivers and lakes are home to walleye, which are among the tastiest of all freshwater fish. Anglers use lures such as spinners, crankbaits, worms, minnows and leeches to catch these fish, which are active mostly at night.


    Four types of salmon inhabit parts of Ontario, with most of them in the Great Lakes that border the province. The pink, Coho, Chinook and Atlantic salmon are similar in appearance, with the Chinook the largest of the four on average.


    Anglers in Ontario have lake trout, brown trout, steelhead, rainbow trout and brook trout to fish for. The lake trout lives only in the region's deeper lakes.


    Largemouth bass in Ontario live mostly in the southern half of the province, while smallmouth bass, which favors colder waters, inhabit a wider area.

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