Northern Bird Identification

Northern Bird Identification
Several species of birds in the United States have the word "northern" in their names. Despite this directional term, these birds are not necessarily all inhabitants of the northern part of the nation.

Northern Bobwhite

The Northern Bobwhite, a member of the quail family, lives mostly in the Deep South and the Midwest with the northern part of its range only as far north as Massachusetts eastward through the Great Lakes.

Northern Harrier

The Northern Harrier, a bird of prey, does summer throughout most of Canada and into Alaska, spending its winters in the southern states. It flies close to the ground and uses its incredibly acute hearing to pinpoint small mammals and birds as it hunts.

Northern Mockingbird

The Northern Mockingbird lives no further north than Nebraska in the Great Plains and central New England in the east. It is the state bird of five states, all in the South: Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Florida and Mississippi.

Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is a year-round inhabitant of the entire eastern half of the nation. It outdoes even the mockingbird as a state bird with seven states designating it as such.

Northern Pygmy Owl

The Northern Pygmy Owl is a resident of the Pacific Coast states and Rocky Mountains. A skilled hunter of birds, the Northern Pygmy Owl many times kills them and eats only their brains.

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