North Carolina Bird Identification

North Carolina Bird Identification
If you are bird watching in North Carolina, you have the potential to view as many as 437 different species of birds, according to The many different ecosystems of North Carolina, including coastal shoreline, coastal plains and mountainous terrain, support this wide array of birds.


Along the Atlantic Coast, a bird watcher can see such shorebirds as shearwaters, petrels, sandpipers, gulls, terns, jaegers and godwits.


North Carolina has its share of birds of prey, with such raptors as osprey, Mississippi kites, sharp-shinned hawks, bald eagles, kestrels and peregrine falcons patrolling the skies.


Warblers, sparrows, tanagers, titmice, orioles, wrens, finches and thrushes are among the many types of songbirds that live in North Carolina.


The lakes, rivers and ponds of the state are the home or resting place during long migrations of such waterfowl as geese, ducks, loons, teal, swans and scaup.

State Bird

In 1943, North Carolina's legislature adopted the northern cardinal as the state bird. The male has bright red plumage with black around its beak and eyes; the female is a pale brown color with just a hint of red.

Game Birds

Hunters have game birds such as the northern bobwhite, ring-necked pheasant, ruffed grouse and wild turkey to pursue when these species are in season.

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