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  • Maryland DNR Fishing Regulations

    Maryland DNR Fishing Regulations
    The Maryland Department of Natural Resources publishes a guide to its regulations for anyone who plans on fishing within state waters. These laws cover a wide array of facets of the sport, such as licensing, creel limits and legal methods to take fish.

    License Exemptions

    Those exempt from needing a fishing license in Maryland's non-tidal water include children under 16 years old, the blind, former prisoners of war, active Maryland soldiers on leave and disabled veterans.


    The size limits, possession and creel limits and minimum length of game fish species vary by fish. For example, an angler may keep as many as five pickerel, which must be at least 14 inches long, with the season for pickerel lasting throughout the year.

    Ice Fishing

    Maryland restricts an ice angler to a maximum of five rods or tip-ups. Holes cut into the ice for ice fishing may not exceed 10 inches in diameter.

    Catch and Return

    Maryland regulations designate Catch and Return Trout Fishing Areas in which an angler cannot keep any of the trout she catches and must only use artificial streamers and flies as lures.

    Protected Species

    A number of aquatic creatures, such as the hellbender and the terrapin, receive protection from Maryland's fishing regulations.

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