Cuzco, Peru History

Cuzco, Peru History
Cuzco, Peru (also known as Cusco) was founded in the 17th century by Spanish conquistadors. Before being occupied by the Incas in 1200 A.D., it was occupied by the Killke culture.

History of the Killke in Cuzco

The Killke occupied the reign of modern day Cuzco from 900 to 1200 A.D. Many Killke innovations, including several roadways and temples, were later adopted by the Incas in the early 13th century.

History of the Incas in Cuzco

The city of Cuzco is considered to be the historical capital of the Inca civilization. Archeological studies date the Inca reign over Cuzco from 1200 to the early 1500s, when Spanish conquistadors arrived.

City Plan of Cuzco

Archeologists and historians have suggested that the layout of the city of Cuzco served as the basis for the design of many other Incan cities in Peru. The ancient city of Cuzco stood at the center of the Incan empire, with roads connecting outward to the empire's four other regions.

Spanish History of Cuzco

Conquistador Francisco Pizarro officially discovered Cuzco in the name of Spain on November 15, 1533. Spanish settlers rebuilt the city on its Inca foundations, transforming it into a thriving agricultural capital.

Plaza De Armas

Cuzco's Plaza De Armas was originally constructed by the Incas and was later further developed by the Spanish. The plaza remains the central meeting place for the city's inhabitants.

Exploring Cuzco's History

Cuzco is very welcoming of tourists and is the home of numerous museums and cultural attractions that explore and celebrate the city's rich history. The city of Cuzco was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.


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