Kayaks: Sit on Top Vs. Sit Inside

Kayaks: Sit on Top Vs. Sit Inside
There is so much to consider when determining the right type of kayak. There are different brands and features. Part of the decision is to determine between a sit on-top and a sit-in kayak.


A sit-in kayak is where you sit in the boat and are lower to the water. A sit on-top kayak is one where you sit on top of the boat and are above the water.


The sit-in kayak provides the advantage of being easy to maneuver and fast. A sit on-top kayak is very stable, and easy to get in and out of.


A sit-in kayak has a small cockpit that makes it more difficult to get in and get out of the boat. It confines your body in the kayak and restricts movement.

Best Use of Each

Sit-in kayaks can be used in all types of conditions, whether it's flat, sea or white water. Sit on-top kayaks are mainly used for flat-water or sea kayaking. It is also used in white water with minimal hydraulics such as Class I or II.

Considerations for Purchasing

When purchasing a sit-in or a sit on-top kayak, the main activity the kayak will be used should be considered. For example, a sit-in kayak is the choice if the kayak's main use will be in turbulent white water.

Article Written By Jason Elliot

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