Explain Bicycle Tire Sizes

Explain Bicycle Tire Sizes
For the uninitiated, bicycle tire sizes can be very confusing. Here are some guidelines you should follow and some extra information you should know. Our example will be 26 x 1.75.

The Measurement

The 26 is the measurement of the diameter of the tire. The number 1.75 is the width of the tire. Occasionally the second number will be represented in fractions.


Diameter Differences

Some companies will measure the diameter from the lip of the tire across the middle, some will measure from the bottom of the first tread. This leads to differences when buying new tires.

Width Differences

Some companies will measure the width from across the lip of the tire. Other companies will measure across the outside of the tire on the treads.

Marking Differences

A tire that is marked with a 1 3/4 marking will not fit in a 1.75 wheel. This is an inconsistency between companies. Usually a single company's tire will fit a wheel of the same size.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

ISO is an organization trying to apply a universal measurement to bicycle tires (among other products) across the world by using millimeters as the standard unit. This will make things easier for the consumer to purchase the correct products for their bike.


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