Northern Pike Habitat

Northern Pike Habitat
The northern pike is a predatory species of game fish that is one of the few kinds of fish that has a natural range in North American waters, and those of Europe and Asia. The fish tends to stay close to vegetation where it lives as it hunts for smaller fish, frogs and ducks.



Lakes and Ponds

In a lake or pond scenario, a northern pike will live in the shallower sections where waterweeds thrive.

Rivers and Streams

Those northern pike that live in rivers and large streams exist in the coves, pools and backwaters where vegetation has a chance to gain a foothold and grow.


In the summer, the northern pike, which greatly prefers cooler temperatures, will stay in the deeper portions of its habitat in the heat of the day. Pike then come back to shallow regions when the sun begins to go down or cloud cover lowers the temperature.


In the early spring when water temperatures are still 40 to 50 degrees F, just after the ice has melted in the pike's range, the fish spawn. At this time, pike seek backwaters full of weeds or flooded marshlands along rivers where they lay their eggs.


Pike are ambush predators, lying in wait in the weeds and watching for fish or any types, frogs or other aquatic life to swim by. The pike will use the weeds as cover before swimming out and grabbing its victims with a mouth full of rows of sharp teeth.


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